Get Magical Christmas Light Installation in Wasilla, AK

Why stress about making your winter decorations look perfect and spend hours on the ladder when you can have experienced Wasilla Christmas light installers do it for you?

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Make this winter special with mesmerizing holiday lights

There’s nothing Wasilla homeowners enjoy more than decorating their homes with colorful Christmas lights at the first signs of winter.
With the help of White Lilac, you can have

A full-service Christmas lights installation at a great price!
Starting at $299

our holiday lights packages include

leasing the lights, installation, maintenance, and take-down.

Just keep in mind that the exact price of your package will depend on the linear footage and the specific requirements of your home.

A tailor-made Wasilla Christmas light installation you cannot but love!

If you want to create the perfect festive atmosphere for your Wasilla home, your best choice is to rely on reputable installers who have all the tools and expertise needed for a high-quality light installation and maintenance.

The dependable professionals White Lilac works with will:

Enjoy gorgeous Christmas lights all winter long

You can count on your Christmas lights in Wasilla to stay in pristine condition throughout the season. Not only do we work with top-quality lights and equipment, but we also include continued maintenance in all of our packages at no additional cost, so feel free to reach out to us if your lights aren’t working properly. We’ll send a team of experts to replace your bulbs or fix any problems you may have with your lights shortly after you give us a call. Let us take all the hassle from your holiday season!

Looking for a dependable Christmas light installer in Wasilla, AK?

We’re right here! Let us make your holiday season special by providing you with a customized Christmas lights package that fits your home perfectly. If you depend on knowledgeable professionals for your installation and take-down, you won’t have to worry about freezing on the ladder for hours trying to put up your lights. With White Lilac, your home will look absolutely magical and you won’t have to lift a finger. Reach out to us and get your dreamy Christmas lights today!

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