Professional Post-Construction Cleaning in Anchorage

Let’s not let that post construction mess overshadow your beautiful home.


Cleaners you can trust with your home

Renovation and construction cleaning in Anchorage is certainly not your idea of a fun weekend. You’d much rather have a professional do it. But where do you find a professional you can trust? You no longer have to worry about that because you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to White Lilac, where your safety and satisfaction come first.

We guarantee that the cleaners we send your way are not only highly qualified but also:

Background & Reference checked
Interviewed In-Person
Skillful maid service and home disinfection

100% Satisfaction guarantee for 100% peace of mind

Our approach to the work we do has been the same from day one: we promise quality and that is what we provide.We offer a 100 % satisfaction guarantee because we are that confident that we can refer you to the absolute best in the business. If you do notice your cleaners have missed a spot, let us know within 24 hours. Within 48 hours, a crew will return to your home to reclean the area for free with meticulous attention to detail, no questions asked!

Post construction cleaning: Anchorage homeowners’ godsend

If your home has been the site of a home improvement project or long construction works, it’s bound to be in need of a full-on renovation and construction cleaning in Anchorage. You want that detrimental dust and debris gone! The cleaners we work with firmly believe in a thorough approach to work. They have the passion and the motivation to wow you with the end-results of their work, leaving you speechless and eager to see them whenever your home is in need of flawless cleaning.

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We have been impressed with each service. The girls are punctual, polite and they do an amazing job. My dog loves Wynter!

- Jennifer

I was very pleased with the service and attention to detail. Turn out amazing. Everybody was very friendly helpful and understanding. Thank you for your excellent service and hard work.

- Jordan

Jamie and Jessica did a great job cleaning our house! Always nice coming home to a clean home. Great attention to detail.

- Alyse

Thanks Pristine! Your team did great. I'll be calling you again in the future for sure.

- George

Awesome job again ladies!

- Jim

Absolute wonderful, thorough job!

- Melani

I have always been very pleased with the job that is done but today was exceptional. Very good job.

- Cheryl

Two very nice ladies arrived punctually and performed a small miracle in cleaning to aid us in our move-out. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

- Thomas

Would recommend you guys to anyone wanting a professional clean...very nice job!

- Patricia

Exceptional service & very happy. Best decision to have this cleaning service — plan to regularly schedule with the same people.

- Cate

Brittany did a great job! Her willingness to do extra task was awesome. She put certain things back in car and when I add a task she so happily went back to her car. I will be requesting her again.

- Bonney

Approachable, affordable, and super great to work with!

- Gabrielle

So nice to have someone else clean the floors and bathrooms thoroughly. They work with joy and smiles. They’re a pleasure to have in my home. Thanks, Ladies!

- Kim

Not a speck of dust left behind

Unwavering professionalism, advanced skills and effective strategies equal a clean, safe and healthy home. What you need is flawlessly executed fast and efficient post construction cleaning in Anchorage, and we know whom you can trust to make your home welcoming and sparkling clean. We also know the best people to call for efficient move out cleaning in Anchorage once you move out or recurrent house cleaning services in Anchorage in your new home. Let us introduce them to you!

Renovation and construction cleaning Anchorage takes pride in

What makes White Lilac Anchorage residents’ top choice is the fact that we go all out to stay on top of things. We strive to contribute to the community through our charitable work as well as be a valuable asset of the community. We do this by working with competent local cleaners and having them use all-natural products which promote the health and safety of the clients and the cleaners, as well as being good for the environment of our beloved Alaska.

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Booking made easier than ever

All you need for a spotless home is book an appointment via phone or home computer!

You may delay, but time will not. – Benjamin Franklin

Catch your breath with construction cleaning in Anchorage

Anchorage is the perfect place if you want the comfort and convenience that come with living in the city combined with raw wilderness close at hand. From Alaska Native Heritage Center to Cook Inlet, there is never a dull moment in Anchorage. Besides, the home improvement project took a toll on you and you could really use a break. While professionals work their magic and make your home the epitome of cleanliness, go ahead and enjoy yourself!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is construction clean up?

Post-construction cleaning in Anchorage is a specialized form of cleaning service that aims to prepare the space for occupancy once the construction or renovation work is complete. Typically it entails removing dust, debris, and leftover materials from the site, as well as giving the interior a complete makeover, making it safe and healthy for new occupants to move in.

What is a post-construction cleaning checklist?

To ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of their work, post-construction cleaning services in Anchorage have a well-developed plan of attack. This plan is usually in the form of a checklist, detailing every task required to make the site liveable the moment they leave the premises.

What does post-renovation cleaning include?

As a variation on deep cleaning, post-renovation cleaning includes various tasks that ensure the overall hygiene and aesthetics of the space, such as:

  • Dusting and wiping down all surfaces;
  • Window cleaning;
  • Vacuuming and mopping floors;
  • Cleaning bathrooms (fixtures, tubs, toilets, etc.)
  • Sanitizing areas previously exposed to construction;
  • And many more.

How do I clean my house after renovating it?

The absolute best and fastest way to make your home liveable after a rework is to go for the post-construction and renovation services Anchorage professionals offer. Doing so will ensure your home is up to the highest standards and immediately livable while leaving you free to focus on more pressing matters.

Who are the experts in renovation & construction cleaning near me in Anchorage, AK?

Looking for a reliable way to make your home livable in record time? White Lilac is here to deliver! As the leading provider of post-construction and renovation cleaning services in the Anchorage area, we’re here to make your dream of a speedy move-in a reality.

Whether you’re near Alaska Native Heritage Center or closer to Campbell Lake, you can count on our seasoned professionals for prompt response and solutions tailored to your unique needs. Get in touch today and enjoy settling in without having to worry about cleaning!