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As a property owner of a vacation rental, you’re surely familiar with the challenges that come with regular upkeep, customer care, and financial management. That’s where our reliable Airbnb and VRBO cleaning service in Wasilla, Palmer, or Anchorage steps in. All the specialists we partner with are:

Highly qualified
Background checked
Interviewed in-person
Skillful maid service and home disinfection

Expert Airbnb & VRBO cleaners that make all the difference

The professionals we connect you with are hardworking and experienced and know exactly how to bring out the best in your space. We're true to our promises, ensuring that each and every customer is fully pleased with our work. If you happen to find anything we've missed, just give us a shout within 24 hours, and we'll dispatch a team of specialized vacation rental cleaners to sort it out.

Fully tailored Airbnb & VRBO cleaning in Wasilla, Palmer & Anchorage

No matter if you need a quick refresh or an in-depth vacation rental cleaning in Wasilla, Palmer, or Anchorage, our diligent team is here to handle it. We’ll take the time to understand your needs, tailor a plan, and do the job to your exact requirements. Flexibility and adaptability are our strong suits, making sure you’re all set, even for those last-minute bookings that pop up.

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What our customers are saying

We have been impressed with each service. The girls are punctual, polite and they do an amazing job. My dog loves Wynter!

- Jennifer

I was very pleased with the service and attention to detail. Turn out amazing. Everybody was very friendly helpful and understanding. Thank you for your excellent service and hard work.

- Jordan

Jamie and Jessica did a great job cleaning our house! Always nice coming home to a clean home. Great attention to detail.

- Alyse

Thanks Pristine! Your team did great. I'll be calling you again in the future for sure.

- George

Awesome job again ladies!

- Jim

Absolute wonderful, thorough job!

- Melani

I have always been very pleased with the job that is done but today was exceptional. Very good job.

- Cheryl

Two very nice ladies arrived punctually and performed a small miracle in cleaning to aid us in our move-out. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

- Thomas

Would recommend you guys to anyone wanting a professional clean...very nice job!

- Patricia

Exceptional service & very happy. Best decision to have this cleaning service — plan to regularly schedule with the same people.

- Cate

Brittany did a great job! Her willingness to do extra task was awesome. She put certain things back in car and when I add a task she so happily went back to her car. I will be requesting her again.

- Bonney

Approachable, affordable, and super great to work with!

- Gabrielle

So nice to have someone else clean the floors and bathrooms thoroughly. They work with joy and smiles. They’re a pleasure to have in my home. Thanks, Ladies!

- Kim

Why locals love us

No matter if you’re around Wasilla, Palmer, or Anchorage, we provide timely rental vacation cleaning and fast turnaround times. Thanks to our online communication system you can easily keep tabs on the process and pay securely only after your session is done. This is how we make sure you’re thrilled with the quality we deliver, but your input is always welcome and greatly appreciated.

Vacation rental cleaning that you can depend on

We know our neighbors who rent out their properties need to stay on top of maintenance tasks, so we’re here to help. With us by your side, you’ll have a reliable system in place and you won’t need to worry about being underprepared for your new renter. Your business will boom without additional effort on your part.

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Easy scheduling

You can schedule our services effortlessly as we’re just a click away.

Spend time doing what you love

Personalized solutions that put you first

Errands, work, and chores steal away moments meant for enjoyment. Why not let our expert vacation rental cleaners handle the work for you? This way, you can reclaim your time and focus on what truly matters to you.

Keep Your Rental Hygienic & Presentable

Contact us to receive a quote and book your cleaning. We’re available Monday thru Friday 9-5, but you can also leave us a message at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to clean your vacation rental?

Owning a vacation rental in Wasilla, Palmer, or Anchorage can boost your passive income. While they’re getting your property guest-ready, you can take it easy and handle other aspects of your business. That way, you’re free from all the chores and also carefree knowing your property is being looked after by experts.

How long should it take to clean an Airbnb?

It’s difficult to predict how long a vacation rental cleaning will take. The size and type of your Airbnb, its current state of cleanliness, and any extra requests you have all play a part. Feel free to call us—we’re here to clear up any questions or concerns you might have.

Should I leave the place when the cleaners come?

You don’t need to be home when our experts show up for the scheduled appointment. Just leave us instructions on how to get into your property, and you can go enjoy your day. Meanwhile, our Airbnb and VRBO cleaners will make sure your place in Wasilla, Palmer, or Anchorage is well taken care of.

How does cleaning work with Airbnb and Vrbo?

When it comes to disinfecting a vacation rental in Wasilla, Palmer, or Anchorage, it’s all about thoroughly cleaning every surface with high-quality products that knock out viruses and bacteria. This means scrubbing down countertops, floors, and furniture, and not forgetting those high-touch spots like doorknobs and light switches. To make sure everything’s properly sanitized, consider bringing in professionals.

What's the best Airbnb & Vrbo vacation rental cleaning service near me in Wasilla, Palmer & Anchorage?

White Lilac is your go-to team vacation rental cleaning service. Our comprehensive practices and advanced equipment promise a pristine and safe environment. What’s best, we’re also at your service throughout Alaska. No matter if you’re near Earthquake Park or elsewhere in the Anchorage metropolitan area, feel free to reach out for comprehensive office cleaning in Anchorage, top-quality window cleanups across Wasilla, as well as regular home upkeep in Palmer.