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White Lilac solely works with highly trained, experienced, and personally interviewed cleaners who use modern technologies, tools, equipment, and green cleaning supplies to deliver results befitting your high standards. We maintain a high standard of quality for each and every office cleaning service we perform across Palmer and other service areas.

Every member of our crew is:

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Comprehensive service for your 100% satisfaction

A neat and tidy office directly translates to motivated and productive employees, as well as happy and returning customers. That’s why we don’t take any chances or contend with half-solutions. All our cleaning services in Palmer come with an Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee. If your team misses a spot, we’ll send another professional to redo the area within the next 48 hours, completely free of charge and with no questions asked.

We aim high and we deliver

As a client-centered company, we aim to establish a lasting relationship of trust and reliability with our customers. Our team is committed to providing swift service that will surpass your expectations. With ample experience and skills honed through hundreds of successfully completed jobs, we can deliver excellent results each and every time. We also put great emphasis on safety, which is why all the cleaners we work with are intrinsically screened and personally interviewed to ensure their references and mindset are up to standards.

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Commercial cleaning in Palmer for a modern business

In today’s fast-paced business world, efficiency and effectiveness are the two key components that define excellence. For this reason, we go above and beyond to ensure swift janitorial service without sacrificing quality. Our professionals use the latest methods, paired with modern equipment and top-of-the-line supplies. Along with their unwavering dedication, they can complete any task in the nick of time while maintaining the highest standards.

Flexible commercial cleaning service to fit your exact needs

Hiring professional cleaners is not a convenience. It is a requirement for running a smooth and successful operation. With our janitorial services, you can have it both ways. Your specialists put a great deal of effort into providing fully customized, tailor-made solutions to answer the specific needs of every client. We will work around your plans and schedule to ensure immaculate results. Quality, effectiveness, and convenience, all in one package.

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Swift & Easy Scheduling

Stay on the go and make your HQ shine! You can now book your office cleaning in Palmer in a matter of seconds via our user-friendly web form or app.

“Let’s not get tired of doing good, because in time we’ll have a harvest if we don’t give up.” Galatians 6:9

Seize your time back with the help of expert janitorial staff

Time is the most valuable asset for every business. We are here to ensure you’re never wasting a minute of yours. From quick and easy booking to a tailor-made plan for commercial cleaning to swift and efficient service, we’re at your disposal anytime you need. With an experienced team by your side, your office can truly be a place you are proud of.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a cleaner and a janitor?

The 3 key differences are:

  • A cleaner performs cleaning duties only, while janitorial services often include minor maintenance;
  • Cleaners mostly focus on residential properties, whereas janitors mostly focus on commercial ones;
  • A cleaner may work as a 3rd party or part-time, while janitors are almost exclusively employed on a full-time basis.

What does commercial mean in cleaning?

This means that a cleaning company offers its services to businesses in Palmer, such as offices or office buildings, shops and storefronts, hospitality establishments, etc. If it also services factories, production lines, warehouses, and similar, then it can be also referred to as an industrial cleaning company.

Is commercial cleaning the same as office cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is a much broader set of services that can (and often, does) include office cleaning. This type of service, on the other hand, is exactly what the name implies and is focused exclusively on offices. 

What is the fastest way to clean an office building?

The absolute fastest way to clean an entire office in Palmer (or any other) building is to hire a reputable commercial cleaning company. Trained professionals with ample experience and specialized tools will take incomparably less time to give a building a complete makeover than the same number of amateurs ever could. Not by coincidence, this is also the best way to clean an office building, and for the exact same reasons.

Who offers a full set of commercial cleaning services in Palmer & the area?

White Lilac is the leading provider of expertise-based cleaning and janitorial solutions for residential and commercial properties in the Anchorage Metro area. You can count on us to maintain the cleanliness of your property, including:

Whether your HQ is on the banks of Matanuska River or closer to the Colony House Museum, we can make it tidier and healthier than ever. Give us a call today and let us make your business shine!

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