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Reluctant to put a stranger in charge of cleaning your home? You’re not alone, but White Lilac Cleaning Company is there to ensure that your cleaner is a genuine professional who can be trusted.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The cleaners we team up with are the best in the business and deeply committed to making your home look absolutely spotless. In other words, we leave nothing to chance as satisfied customers are our top priority. And when we say satisfied – we mean it. The service that we deliver comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with our cleaning in any way, let us know within 24 hours – we’ll make sure to redo it in under 48 hours! Cleaning the place up for the second time comes absolutely free of charge, so you’re totally covered either way!

The absolute best house cleaning service Birchwood, AK, can offer

Cleaning may seem like a daunting challenge to most homeowners, but here at White Lilac, cleaning is what we do, and we do it with great dedication and passion. There is more to it than creating a sanitary environment. We go above and beyond, enriching people’s lives by creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere in their homes. The cleaners that we work with have to be nothing short of the absolute best in the business. Since they underwent our stringent vetting and completed in-house trial cleaning, you can have absolute confidence in their competence and trustworthiness. If you’ve ever hired our maid service in Eagle River, Birchwood, Big Lake or the surrounding area, you know what to expect – top quality house cleaning in Birchwood and beyond!

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Professional house cleaning service Birchwood, AK, is proud to call its own

We take great pride in having raised the bar high. It is now known far and wide that we only team up with the very best Alaska cleaners in Wasilla and neighboring areas to provide exclusive services. Whether you want first-class house cleaning service in Big Lake or top-notch cleaning services in Palmer, we’ve got you covered. We have everything that you could possibly want from a house cleaning service. Birchwood, AK, homes have never looked more immaculate!

The most comprehensive house cleaning service – Birchwood, AK

The cleaners we team up with are the best for a reason – they are passionate about delivering results that impress. These cleaning go-getters will devote undivided attention to each and every home they visit. If you have any special requests and want us to focus on a specific area, do not hesitate to let us know – we’ll do our best to give you the personalized service you deserve. Here at White Lilac Cleaning Company, we strive to deliver cleaning services of the highest quality and so become an inseparable part of your home life.

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Would you have much more time for yourself if you could only find a prompt and efficient house cleaning service? Birchwood, AK is not just home to the tiniest yet hugely popular Birchwood Airport, but also a place where you can hire White Lilac professional cleaning services. Go ahead and plan a family road trip to Peters Creek Valley Trail – you’ll have the time of your life and we’ll make your home look better than ever. So yes, you can have it all – a career, a happier, healthier home life and quality time with the family. This is the vision of White Lilac Cleaning Company: to breathe new life into your home!

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