3 Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors Properly

by Pristine Beers | White Lilac Cleaning - July 30, 2021

In every house, having a hardwood floor brings warmth and the feeling of a raw, natural environment. If you live in Palmer, AK, the colder climate can make maintaining this type of floor a bit more difficult. Hiring a maid service may therefore be useful, so your hardwood floor is properly cared for every time.

How to clean hardwood floors

We know that out of all the areas in your home, the floor tends to take the most damage. It is constantly stepped on with different types of shoes, various objects are dropped on it, not to mention pets and children’s toys that can scratch it. Also, any type of spillage can be soaked into the wood, which damages the material even more.

Luckily, we’ve prepared some tried and true hardwood cleaning tips for you. Read on! 

How to clean hardwood floors?

As much as we think that wood is a difficult material to take care of, you’d be surprised to know it’s actually quite a simple process. Here are a few tips that can help you clean your floors quickly and efficiently.

1. Use soap and water or a wood cleaning product

Water and soap work together as a perfect cleaning agent for wooden countertops and all flat surfaces. But you should know that water is dangerous for wood when used in large quantities. If you’re mopping hardwood floors with soap and water, make sure to use a damp cloth and not a soaked one, and use a dry cloth to pick up any leftover water afterwards .

If you have some stubborn dirt spots that are difficult to remove with plain soap and water, you might opt for a wood cleaner. There are various products for cleaning wooden furniture and floors you can find at your local store.  A wood polishing compound can be a cheap and great way to restore the shine to your floors and other wooden surfaces.

2. Sweep before you mop

Before you begin, it’s good to remove all the clutter that lies on the floor, so it’s easily accessible. Start by sweeping all the dust and tiny dirt particles that might have landed on the floor, and make sure to use a broom or a brush extension for a vacuum cleaner. Using a normal vacuum extension can make scratches on your floors and dull the shine.

After sweeping, use a spin mop or a damp, almost dry cloth and mop your floors. You can use soap and water or a wood floor cleaner. One of the mistakes that people make with hardwood floors is mopping them with a wood cleaner that’s designed for the furniture, so try and avoid that.

Do you live in Palmer, AK and are looking for a professional maid service

3. Clean more frequently

The floor is the part of the house that gets dirty the easiest, so it’s only fair for it to be cleaned more often. A simple sweeping at the end of each day may be sufficient, but mopping should be done at least twice a week. If you have small children, you might want to mop even more, because kids are prone to drop stuff on the floor and put it in their mouths without thinking.

Also, floors in the high traffic areas of your house should get more TLC. This is because they get dirty so quickly, whether it’s from walking on them in outdoor shoes or spilling something. Scan your floors for the dirtiest parts and you’ll know right away which areas to focus on.

Do you live in Palmer, AK and are looking for a professional maid service?

If caring for the floors seems like a lot of work to you, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! White Lilac works with professional cleaners that know how to take care of any type of surface, so rest assured they’ll clean your floors to perfection. Contact us today to book an appointment, and we’ll send someone right away. While you spend time having fun at the Alaska State Fair, we’ll tackle your dirty wooden floors!