Habits that Will Keep Your House Clean

by Pristine Beers | White Lilac Cleaning - November 14, 2018

residential cleaning services near meThe kind folks whom we have to thank for upscale cleaning services Wasilla, Alaska, is proud to call its own will gladly answer any questions. Here’s a question their clients often ask: “Residential cleaning services near me have changed my family’s home life for the better, but how do I keep my home clean when the pros are not around to work their magic?” Here are some tried-and-tested methods and habits you should embrace right now if you want your house to be spotless all the time!

Pro tip from residential cleaning services near me: say no to hoarding

Hoarding means clutter and you simply cannot afford to waste what little free time you have fighting a losing battle. In other words, the clutter has to go and the hoarding has to stop. With each item you decide to get rid of, you’ll feel a bit lighter.

Wash the dishes or put them in the dishwasher

The morning was terribly hectic and you didn’t have the time to wash the dishes. By the end of the day, the pile was much higher and you decided to call it a night instead of washing them. It happens to the best of us but make it a rule not to let that happen, ever. Make sure the dishwasher is up and running at all times, and the kitchen will stay squeaky clean much longer.

Put clothes away or back in place

Googling “residential cleaning services near me” will solve a lot of things effectively, but Google also offers tips and tricks for cleaning out the wardrobe. So, you’ve discovered you had about a dozen clothing items in varying shades of purple, a color which you now vehemently refuse to wear? Give them away! If you stumble upon an old coat your postpartum self can no longer wear but would still hate to throw it away, put it away somewhere and get it out of the way.

We all like to try on several outfits before deciding on a single one but that is by far the simplest way to wreak a havoc in your wardrobe closet and the surrounding area. Stop that from happening by putting every item back in place as soon as you’re finished trying it on.

Making the beds and keeping them clutter-free

Speaking of ways to avoid mess, remember that beds are solely intended for sleeping. After you make the beds in the morning, resist the urge to use them as storage space.

Hiring residential cleaning services near me

The reason is simple: they are close enough to step in before things get out of hand. For instance, you just had your favorite cleaner come in a couple of days ago, but the house is growing messier by the minute – take charge of things before they escalate. A competent professional cleaner can come back even at a short notice to put things back in place and clean up a bit, without having to start from scratch.

White Lilac: #1 residential cleaning services near me

Having required the cleaners we team up to go through our thorough background check, series of interviews, trial cleaning, we can guarantee with absolute certainty that our cleaners are worth their weight in gold. Due to their high quality standards, attention to detail and superior expertise, they are second to none. Let us wow you by making your place look spick-and-span in next to no time. Give White Lilac a call today!