Genius Ways to Encourage Your Children to Do Chores

by Pristine Beers | White Lilac Cleaning - January 3, 2019

how to get kids to cleanWhen it comes to professional house cleaning, Wasilla, AK takes the lead. Professional cleaners in Wasilla are known for providing the very best cleaning service and never missing a spot or overlooking an area. They can also provide you with the most comprehensive insight into the tricks of the trade which you can then impart to your kids and help them adopt healthy housekeeping habits from an early age. But there is one thing that you’re probably wondering right now: how to get kids to clean? Well we’ve come up with a few tricks that will accomplish just that!

Assemble a mini-me cleaning set

Kids love acting like adults and being treated as equals. When it comes to housecleaning, the simplest trick will suffice: make a small cleaning set for them to use. An adorable little bucket stuffed with small-scale cleaning tools and supplies is all you need! Don’t forget the spray bottles, as you can then work as a team: they pump and squirt, you wipe!

Sweeten the deal

This is basically your How to get kids to clean 101. Only make promises that you intend to keep as this will encourage the little ones to actually do their part and earn the reward for a job well done. In addition to being realistic, the things you promise should be modest, like a special treat after dinner, whether it’s letting them stay up past their bedtime, getting a small toy or a piece of candy they love best.

How to get kids to clean? With a treasure hunt, of course!

Hide small toys and treats around the room that the kids ought to clean. Once they get to work, they’ll start finding these little treasures one by one, making them both more motivated and more efficient!

The robot clean-up game

Kids love games and that’s a fact. A simple game you two can play will help you teach them not only the basics of programing but also how to clean their rooms. Give the kid simple commands such as: bend down, pick up toy, reach higher, move forward/backward, turn left/right etc.

Pretend play

If you’re wondering how to get kids to clean, remember that kids love games more than anything. They go wild about dress-ups, so why not let them have it! They can dress up as professional maids with actual handmade name tags, aprons, hairnets and the like. This game combines cleaning with creativity. You will be teaching them responsibility but letting them play along the way!

Taking before and after photos

You know the feeling when you take a photo before and after going on a diet or before and after a home improvement project? The view of the comparison is so satisfying! It’s exactly the same with cleaning. Your kids will love seeing the fruit of their labor!

How to get kids to clean? By having them learn from the best!

Cleaning is a thankless, exhausting, never-ending, tedious endeavor but someone had to do it. Well it doesn’t have to be you or the kids. Although, it doesn’t hurt for your little ones to pitch in every once in a while and help you out with the cleaning, why not use that time doing something fun together, and leave the cleaning to genuine professionals? To top it all off, White Lilac offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee so you’ll definitely find yourself in a win-win situation!