The Best Way to Experience Christmas Lights in Alaska

What’s the Best Way to Experience Christmas Lights in Alaska?

by Pristine Beers | White Lilac Cleaning - November 28, 2019

Christmas tree with lightsThere’s no better time to visit Alaska than during the holiday season. This time of the year brings some truly special experiences to everyone visiting and living in the Last Frontier. The enchanting Christmas lights adorning every house transform the charming towns of Alaska into picturesque winter wonderlands. 

If you want to marvel at the beauty of Alaska during the best time of the year, we’ve got your back! Keep reading to discover the top locations to visit if you want to have an unforgettable Christmas lights seeing experience in the Last Frontier. 

See the Zoo Lights at Anchorage 

As Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage is home to a whole range of holiday activities, including an annual tree lighting ceremony you don’t want to miss. The ceremony is held one day after Thanksgiving and signifies the start of the holiday season. The Alaska Zoo hosts another popular attraction, the majestic Zoo Lights that decorate the trees and trails in shapes of sparkling animals. This family-friendly destination is a favorite among both kids and adults, so be sure not to miss it. 

Enjoy the Winter Solstice Celebration at Fairbanks

Christmas lights outdoorsIn late December, the city of Fairbanks hosts a majestic Winter Solstice Celebration with fireworks, Christmas lights, and decorations. Known for its subarctic climate and long winters, Fairbanks is also the perfect location to visit if you want to experience the amazing Northern Lights on a dark and clear night. Just make sure to wear your best winter clothes and warm up with a cup of coffee or mulled wine!   

Visit the Ice Park at North Pole

Visiting North Pole is a must for anyone visiting Alaska in the winter. The most popular attractions include the Santa Claus House where you can meet Santa and his reindeer, as well as a spectacular Christmas-themed ice event and art competition. At the start of December, the North Pole Plaza hosts tree and candle lighting ceremonies that mark the beginning of the Winterfest. The festival boasts incredible ice sculptures, an ice playground with slides and a maze, as well as a fireworks show at the New Year’s Eve.  

See the miraculous light show at Wasilla  

Holiday festivities abound in Wasilla, too. The town becomes a dreamy winter wonderland at the start of December when the Christmas celebrations kick off. You can enjoy a wagon ride and marvel at the fantastic lights that decorate the houses and trees throughout the town. In addition to the amazing holiday displays, Wasilla also boasts a remarkable selection of Christmas trees, so be sure to check them out if you haven’t picked out your tree yet. 

Enjoy a magical holiday experience in Alaska today 

Family enjoying Christmas lightsIf you’re looking for a perfect way to celebrate Christmas with your family, you’ll find no better place than the Last Frontier. No matter which of the many attractions and festivities you choose to see, your trip to Alaska is sure to leave memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime. 

Why wait? Start packing for your Christmas lights seeing trip and forget about your everyday worries! With the help from White Lilac, you will have a spotless home waiting for you when you return. Visit Alaska today!