Easy 4-Step Basement Cleaning Guide

by Pristine Beers | White Lilac Cleaning - August 1, 2022

Easy-4-Step-Basement-Cleaning-GuideWhen properly utilized, a basement can become an entertainment room. However, most people use it as a storage space. And since you don’t spend a lot of time in a storage room, it can become quite neglected and in dire need of a cleanup. A lot of people hire someone to help with house cleaning in Anchorage, AK, especially when they’re overwhelmed by the messy basement.

Tackling the lowest area of your home can be quite challenging, and many tend to put it off because it seems like a lot of work. We’ve prepared four easy steps to help you stop hesitating to clean your basement and make it shine again, so read on!

How do you deep clean a basement?

In order to make this challenge a successful one, it’s important to be properly organized. When you prepare everything in advance, you have it under control, and you can start without worrying about what comes next. Here’s what you should do first:

1. Declutter

This is easier said than done since the basement holds many sentimental items you don’t want to get rid of. However, there’s only so much space to keep all of the things, and something has to go eventually. Just like decluttering the closet in your bedroom, you can organize the process into three piles.

The first pile should contain all of the items that don’t serve you any purpose and that you can discard. In the second pile, there should be things you want to keep, and in the third one all the items that can make someone else happy, so you can donate them.

2. Divide and conquer

The key to a successful basement cleanup is sectioning it into smaller doable actions that you can put on your to-do list. Start from one shelf, and work your way around the room. Make sure to take regular breaks between cleaning because you don’t need to do it as fast as possible. When you’re rested, you’ll get it done more efficiently.

And most importantly, don’t do it alone. You can always ask your family members to help you, just like you ask your kids to help you with their rooms.

3. Start from the upper areas and move the items from the walls

This is very important, not only because dust falls down while you clean. Moving the shelves away from the wall can uncover some hidden mold spots, which can be very harmful if they start to spread. If you notice these, take the necessary steps to sanitize the area.

4. Disinfect and purify the air

Since it’s below ground level, the air in the basement can get quite stale, and clutter only makes it worse. Once it’s free of mess, open all of the windows and let the air flow. It’s important to do this in every room, especially where your newborn sleeps. You want the air to be fresh in your entire house, so make sure to properly sanitize the basement when you’re done cleaning it.

How-do-you-deep-clean-a-basementDo you need help with house cleaning in Anchorage, AK?

If your basement has seen better days and you’re hesitant to begin, keep in mind that you can always call White Lilac! We work with maids in Anchorage and surrounding areas and are more than happy to help.

Our maids use natural cleaning products that are powerful against any type of grime and dirt. They’re also equipped with organizational skills and can make any basement shine and look great. Instead of worrying about mold infestation, have a relaxing day off and visit the Anchorage Museum with your loved ones. Contact us today!