The Perfect Alaskan Venue for Any Event: The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place: the Perfect Venue for All Occasions

by Pristine Beers | White Lilac Cleaning - October 31, 2019

What better way to celebrate a special day than by enjoying the beautiful Alaskan scenery with all of your friends and loved ones? That’s exactly what The Gathering Place brings to the table! If you’re searching for a unique venue for your special event, whether you’re celebrating a wedding, family gathering, or reunion, this new venue in Wassila has everything you may need.

Surrounded by picturesque scenery and boasting views of the Chugach Mountains, The Gathering Place brings a truly unique experience for anyone who wants to see Alaska in the best possible light.

A venue that adds a special charm to any event

There’s so much to love about The Gathering Place! Conveniently located only one hour away from Anchorage, this event center offers spectacular views along with a wide range of amenities for all kinds of events. In addition to hosting weddings, The Gathering Place also does different community events, corporate meetings, parties, and fantastic helicopter tours.

As we’ve already demonstrated, The Gathering Place isn’t your typical event venue. What’s more, it also boasts a 5-bedroom guest house for overnight stays as well as a vast trailer and camper parking. If all of that wasn’t enough, just think about all the gorgeous pictures your photographer will take!

Experience the best Alaska has to offer

If you’ve thought about traveling for your wedding celebration, Alaska is definitely a great choice. With its unique rustic feel and expansive wilderness, it can make any event memorable and special, both for you and your guests. Whether you choose to book a helicopter tour or go out and explore Wasilla and it’s surroundings on your own after your event at The Gathering Place, you’ll surely find something fun to do. Here are some ideas:

  • Visit the Iditarod Headquarters: you are sure to enjoy this museum dedicated to the well known Iditarod trail and learn about the history of the dog sled race. You could get a chance to meet the dogs and there’s also the option to pay to go on a dog sled ride.
  • Explore the Wasilla Farmer’s Market: open every Wednesday, the market abounds in handmade souvenirs, wood crafts, local products, and more. It is a great place to meet locals and see their way of life.
  • Take a tour: Wasilla offers a wide variety of engaging tours you can choose from. They include wildlife and glacier viewing, kayaking, dog sledding, and a vast range of backcountry adventure tours, to name a few.

Bring your celebration to the next level at The Gathering Place

Planning and organizing a special event takes a lot of time and effort. From choosing the venue and decorations to deciding on food and drink options, there are so many decisions you have to make before the special day comes. Luckily, you won’t have to stress about searching for a venue when you have everything you need at The Gathering Place!

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