Positive Mental Health Effects of Cleaning

by Pristine Beers | White Lilac Cleaning - March 31, 2022

Positive-Mental-Health-Effects-of-Cleaning.If you’ve been through a rough time in your life, you know that it takes a toll on your mental health. You neglect your friendships, family, and even your living space. However, every bad period has to come to an end, and when it happens, you want to turn your life around.

Starting with your living space, the first thing that comes to mind is hiring a maid service in Wasilla to take care of that mess and reset your home. Once your house is in healthy condition, you can take the necessary steps to improve your life. Here we’ve listed some of the benefits of cleaning and how it can impact your motivation and well-being. Keep reading!

How does cleaning improve mental health?

A dirty home is the breeding ground for all sorts of germs and bacteria, and can negatively impact both your physical as well as mental health. Here’s how cleaning will benefit your motivation and sanity:

It sets you up for success

You know how good it feels to have everything in order and your mess contained. This applies to both life and cleaning. Once you organize your living space, you’ll feel better about doing the same thing to your career, fitness, and other goals. And if you have children, setting an example for them will inspire them to develop healthy habits.

Cleaning helps with focusing

When you do housework, you usually focus on one room at a time, and in that room, you tackle the objects one by one. Concentrating on that one item at a time builds your focus and strengthens it. You’ll notice the impact of cleaning when you’re working or creating. If your teenager is procrastinating on cleaning their room, this tip may motivate them.

It improves your mood

Sitting in a cluttered room is never a good thing. Too many objects combined with filth and grime can never result in a positive mood. However, once you take control of it and make the mess go away, you’ll experience a boost in your energy level and happiness. It’s scientifically proven that the act of cleaning itself releases endorphins, so no wonder maids are always smiling!

Clear space equals a clear mind

Aside from the inability to focus and feeling down surrounded by clutter, you may also feel overwhelmed when you see all the dirt in your home. That can make you confused and dizzy, resulting in health problems. Just by thinking about all the things you need to clean, you’re stressing yourself out and becoming tense.

Make a concise to-do list with the top three things you want to tackle and gather your supplies. When you’re looking for motivation to clean, this is the way to do it. We recommend focusing on these three rooms:

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom

You can easily clean them in a day, and with tiny breaks and rewards between rooms, you’ll feel better, making it easier to finish the entire process. Not to mention, you’ll get a clear headspace once you see no filth around you.

How-does-cleaning-improve-mental-healthWho provides a reliable maid service in Wasilla?

We know how it feels to be overwhelmed and not know where to start. This is why White Lilac is here to help you! Hiring a maid service is the perfect thing for those of you who want to reset your life but don’t have enough time to focus on cleaning. Instead of scrubbing and washing, take a relaxing walk near Lake Lucille and leave the chores to us. Contact us today!