How To Keep Your Home Clean With a Newborn

by Pristine Beers | White Lilac Cleaning - September 6, 2022

How-To-Keep-Your-Home-Clean-With-a-NewbornKeeping your home spick-and-span is challenging per se, let alone when you have a baby. Chores demand a lot of time and energy, and so do kids. Luckily, there is an efficient method of keeping your home sparkling with a newborn.

Since one can only do so much, a lot of people opt for Anchorage, AK, cleaning services. This article will provide you with some valuable tips on how to do the housework efficiently with a baby.

How do you keep a clean house with a newborn?

No matter how much joy a baby brings to the whole family, there is a lot of work to do for which you practically have no free time. This means you need to cut down on something, which is usually time for sleeping. However, there is a way to manage everything. Here is what you need to do:

1. Make a cleaning schedule

Devising a plan always helps organize your time better. You should make a daily schedule and divide the housework into smaller chunks. Incorporate kitchen maintenance, as this is where all the food preparation takes place, and countertops that need to be clean and sanitized. Make sure to set the time for dusting and vacuuming because infants’ immune systems are fragile and can be easily compromised.

Another useful rule is never to leave a room empty-handed. Take the misplaced item and put it in its designated place. This is the fastest way to tidy up your bedroom and other rooms in your home.

2. Multitask

In order to do a chore and take care of your baby, you need to keep your hands free. You can use a baby carrier or a sling to wear the baby in the house. You should only do light housework that doesn’t involve chemicals that can be harmful to the baby. That’s why you should leave basement cleaning for the weekend when other family members can take over looking after your child.

A baby monitor is very handy because you can watch over your baby while doing housework. You would be amazed at how many tasks you can complete while your child is asleep, and you should use your time wisely. Another useful gadget is a white noise machine which can have a soothing effect on your baby and help it get used to other similar sounds, so it won’t wake up when the dishwasher is on.

3. Get into freezer cooking

Freezer cooking will help you use your time and energy in the most rational way. Set one day for cooking, preferably on weekends, and prepare food for the following week. You can make a large amount of two or three dishes and divide it into small portions. This method will save you hours that you’d have to spend on cooking every day instead of playing with your child.

4. Get other family members involved

There is no need to do everything alone, and there is no shame in sharing the workload. Your partner can take over a lot of chores, and you can even include your other children. For example, they can start with cleaning up the kids’ room and gradually get involved in looking after the baby. Giving them simple tasks will help them develop a sense of responsibility and create a strong bond with their siblings.

How-do-you-keep-a-clean-house-with-a-newbornWhere in Anchorage, AK, can I find reputable cleaning services?

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