How Often Should I Clean My Home If I Suffer From Allergies

by Pristine Beers | White Lilac Cleaning - August 23, 2023

Living with allergies is not only about managing sneezes and sniffles but also about creating a living environment that supports well-being. One significant component of this environment is cleanliness. Beyond managing symptoms, one crucial aspect of allergen management is creating and maintaining a clean living space.

However, how often should an individual with allergies book house cleaning services in Anchorage to keep their home in optimal living condition? The answer isn’t one-size-fits-all. Several factors influence this decision, and understanding them can lead you to choose a tailored and effective residential cleaning schedule.

Which factors determine how often people with allergies should clean their homes?

Which factors determine how often people with allergies should clean their homesCleaning for allergy management is not just a task; it’s a lifestyle adjustment aimed at ensuring better health and comfort. While cleaning is a powerful tool in the arsenal of someone with allergies, its frequency is influenced by various factors. Recognizing and adjusting based on these can lead to a comfortable living environment and a significant reduction in allergy symptoms. With a bit of insight and regularity, your home can be both a sanctuary and a shield against allergens.

1. Type of allergens

Your primary allergens play a significant role in your cleaning frequency. For instance:

Dust mites: They thrive in soft furnishings, so regular vacuuming and washing are essential if you want to get rid of these stubborn critters.

Pollen: If you’re sensitive, daily cleaning during peak pollen seasons can be helpful.

Pet Dander: If you own pets, frequent cleaning is crucial, particularly in areas your pet frequents.

2. Severity of allergies

Someone with mild allergies might not need to clean as rigorously or as often as someone with severe allergic reactions. Those with more intense symptoms will benefit from a more frequent and thorough cleaning regimen.

3. Presence of pets

Pets, particularly furry ones, can be walking allergen carriers. From dander to the outdoors they bring in, households with pets might need to up their cleaning ante.

4. Local climate

Humidity can encourage mold growth and dust mite proliferation. If you live in a humid environment, you’ll need to be vigilant about dehumidifying and cleaning mold-prone areas.

5. Seasonal changes

Different seasons bring varied allergen levels. For instance, spring may usher in higher pollen counts, necessitating more regular cleaning. On the other hand, winter might require more indoor humidity control.

6. Indoor plants

While they purify the air, some can also be a source of mold if overwatered. If you have a lot of indoor plants, regular checks and maintenance are vital.

7. Foot traffic and house size

A larger house or one with many inhabitants or visitors can accumulate allergens quicker than a smaller home or one with fewer footfalls.

8. External environment

If you live near open fields, woods, or other pollen-rich areas, you might find pollen making its way into your home more frequently, requiring more frequent cleaning.

9. Home’s age

Older homes might be more susceptible to mold, especially if they have poor ventilation or undetected leaks. In such cases, more regular checks and cleaning are warranted.

10. Personal tolerance

Beyond clinical allergy symptoms, individual comfort levels play a role. Some might feel better with daily cleaning, while others find a weekly routine sufficient.

Where can I find the best house cleaning services in Anchorage, AK?

Where can I find the best house cleaning services in Anchorage, AKWhether you need help maintaining a neat and tidy home throughout the year, tips on how to minimize allergens in your living space, or would like to learn the main reasons why allergies flare up while you’re sprucing up, White Lilac is your knowledgeable team of cleaning specialists that are equipped to answer all your questions and so much more.

With us by your side, you can treat your loved ones to a relaxing walk down the trails at Kincaid Park and enjoy the beautiful outdoors safely knowing we’ll use that opportunity to surpass your expectations and deliver a sanitary space free of pollutants and allergens. There is no need to suffer inside your own four walls, give us a call and we’ll show you what we can do to refresh your air. Contact us today!