How to Prepare for an Alaskan Summer Adventure

by Pristine Beers | White Lilac Cleaning - June 2, 2020

When people think about great summertime destinations, Alaska usually isn’t the first place that springs to mind. And yet, between its blooming wildflowers, its near-endless sunshine, and its active wildlife, the Last Frontier is unmatched in its natural beauty.

What’s more, Alaska also offers a huge variety of unforgettable activities and adventures such as ziplining between towering treetops, rafting on turbulent waters, skydiving from as many as 10,000 feet up, and much more.

But hold on! Before you depart on your Alaskan excursion, you need to make sure you have everything you need to ensure your summertime adventure is as pleasant as possible. With that in mind, here are the 7 crucial items you’ll need to get the most of your trip.

The essential packing list for the Alaskan summer

The long days of sunlight that characterize the Alaskan summer can keep you going strong even when you’d normally be falling asleep on your feet. You’ll need to be ready to take part in a variety of different activities at all times, but also to deal with any rapid weather changes.

7 items you’ll need for summertime Alaska are:

  • Cold weather clothes are a must, but don’t go overboard (you won’t need a snowsuit!). Take a lot of layered clothing that you can easily shed or put on if the temperature changes.
  • Hats and sunglasses. Bringing some comfortable headwear is vital if you don’t want to squint your eyes all day long or risk getting sunburns.
  • Warm weather clothes. Alaskan summers can get very hot, with the temperatures reaching 90 degrees Fahrenheit in some areas. It’s a good idea to have some t-shirts and shorts on hand.
  • Threaded footwear. Depending on where you’re planning to go, you’ll likely have to step off the beaten path at some point. Having a pair of hiking boots or trail running shoes for these activities is a great way to protect your feet and stay comfortable during long hikes.
  • A quality rain jacket. Rain is common in summertime Alaska. A waterproof jacket will keep you warm and dry regardless of whether you’re dealing with a light drizzle or a full-on monsoon.
  • Sleeping mask and ear plugs. Alaska gets a lot of daylight in summertime, with sunsets sometimes happening in the early hours of the morning (if at all). This can make it hard to fall asleep without some ear plugs and a comfy sleep mask.
  • Sports bras. Activities such as hiking, ziplining, rafting, climbing, kayaking, sledding, and skydiving can get unpleasant in a hurry if you’re using the wrong underwear. If you’re planning to take part in outdoorsy activities, make sure there’s a sports bra or two in your luggage.

It’s important to stay flexible

The Last Frontier is an unpredictable place. Sudden weather changes, summer road construction, or a grizzly taking up your intended camping spot, are just some of the unforeseen events that can mess up your plans at any given day.

Don’t let this frustrate you or leave you disheartened. Think of your summertime trip as what it is: an adventure. Always maintain a good sense of humor and view obstacles as an opportunity to mix things up and make unexpected detours.

Get ready for the summertime adventure of a lifetime

A trip to Alaska is one of the most thrilling and unique ways you can spend your summer in North America. Here at White Lilac, we’d like to make your trip even more carefree by matching you with the premier cleaning professionals in Anchorage and surrounding communities.

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