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The Ultimate Post-Christmas Cleaning Guide

by Pristine Beers | White Lilac Cleaning - January 31, 2022

What should I clean after the holidaysHolidays are the most wonderful time of the year, and people celebrate them with their loved ones. And when you have guests staying over, you want your house to be in the best shape in no time. Hiring a maid service in Anchorage is the best solution for a quick clean-up before your visitors arrive and after they leave.

But when the holidays pass, the guests leave, and it’s time to take down the ornaments, they can leave behind quite a mess. Luckily, we’ve listed a few tips to help you clean your home efficiently after the holidays, so read on!

How do you clean up after Christmas?

There is no easy way to tackle the Christmas tree, but the best time to do it is right after the holiday passes, while you still have some time off work. It’s also a good time to clean because you might be planning a vacation, and you don’t want the holiday mess to wait for you when you return. Here are a few tips to make the most out of the clean-up:

1. Take down all the decorations and store them properly

The Christmas tree takes up the most space during the holidays, and it can be tricky to clean around it because of the branches and fragile knick-knacks. So before you start cleaning, put away the tree and the other decorations. You’ll reset your space and get into the right mindset because you won’t be overwhelmed by the clutter.

2. Vacuum the flaky decor

If you’ve had fake snow in your home around the tree or in other areas, you know how tiring it is to clean up all of it. The same goes for the glitter and confetti, as well as the residue from the garland and wreath. The fastest way to clean it is with a vacuum, no matter the location. Run your vacuum over all the surfaces where you placed the decorations and save your energy this way.

3. Sort your belongings before storing the gifts

The holiday season is filled with presents from our loved ones. Sort out the presents and get rid of any leftover opened boxes. You can even use them to store your Christmas decorations. Check for broken ornaments, dispose of them and find a good way to organize the rest. Boxes are usually the safest, as they’re sturdy and you can put padding inside for the fragile items.

What should I clean after the holidays?

During the holidays, people get the motivation to improve their lives. And the best way to start that journey is by giving your home a proper clean-up. Spring cleaning is coming soon, but before that, we recommend frequent disinfecting and a weekly housework routine. It’s the season of festivities but if you get sick during this time, a dirty home can make it worse.

Make sure to regularly wipe the surfaces, mop and vacuum the floors and check your refrigerator for any leftovers that can go bad soon. Clean your kitchen and bathroom twice a week to keep them properly sanitized.

Tired of cleaning after the holidays? Hire a maid service in Anchorage!

How do you clean up after ChristmasSometimes you just want to take a few days off for yourself and not clean, and that’s completely normal. White Lilac can help you by sending you the best maids to take care of the mess while you relax and recharge by taking the family to the Alaska Zoo. After all, you’ve worked so hard during the year, you deserve to treat yourself. Give us a call, and we’ll set up an appointment. Contact us today!