The Ins and Outs of Post-Construction Cleaning

by Pristine Beers | White Lilac Cleaning - January 29, 2021

Is post construction cleaning hardIf there’s one thing that can suck the joy right out of a freshly built home or a newly renovated room, it’s the fine dust that lingers afterward. Regardless of how well the contractor has sealed off the construction site, this dust somehow always gets into the other areas of your house.

To make matters worse, construction dust is bad for your health, notoriously difficult to remove, and can ruin your belongings if not removed completely. Luckily, a professional renovation and construction cleaning in Anchorage (also known as post-construction cleaning), can remove every last trace of plaster dust and other types of post-construction debris.

But why is construction dust so hard to remove? In what way is post-construction cleaning different from regular cleaning? What happens during a post-construction cleaning? Keep reading to get the answers to these questions!

Is post-construction cleaning hard?

Post-construction cleanings focus on removing the types of dirt that wouldn’t be present under everyday circumstances. These include not just construction dust and debris, but also harmful chemicals and other hazardous substances.

Because of this, unless the construction or renovation project in question was an extremely minor one, post-construction cleaning is almost certainly going to take a lot more time and energy to execute correctly than a regular cleaning ever would.

The main advantages professional post-construction cleanings provide are:


Construction dust isn’t the only threat to your health that can remain after a renovation. Screws, nails, wire, sawdust, broken glass, and other dangerous materials all need to be picked up and thrown out before someone can step on them.


The sooner your property has been cleaned, the sooner you can begin living in it or renting it out. Top-notch cleaning companies have the equipment and the know-how necessary to provide superb results in a short amount of time.


Dust, debris, and other grime tend to make their way into various nooks, crannies, and other out-of-the-way spots. Seasoned post-construction cleaners know how to find these places and remove the dirt before it can become too deeply ingrained.

What is included in post-construction cleaning?

Construction contractors follow a tight schedule that makes it highly impractical for them to clean while the project is still underway. That’s why the cleaning is typically outsourced to post-construction cleaners who know how to properly clean a structure or a room after it has been built or renovated.

A typical post-construction cleaning includes:

  • Vacuuming all floors using HEPA vacuum cleaners
  • Cleaning and washing the windows and window frames
  • Cleaning the exteriors and interiors of appliances, cabinets, and shelves
  • Wet and dry dusting of fans, heaters, ceilings, and lights
  • Cleaning and polishing all floors once the debris has been removed
  • Removing dirt, marks, and smudges from walls
  • Cleaning the trims
  • Cleaning the threshold
  • Proper trash and debris disposal
  • Notifying the construction contractors about any safety issues such as leaks and loose wiring
  • Removing plastic and stickers from windows, furniture, and doors

Where can I book a high-quality renovation and construction cleaning in Anchorage?

What is included in post construction cleaningHave you recently renovated your bedroom and you want to make sure it’s completely free of builder’s dust and other construction debris? Or perhaps you simply wish to give your home or vacation rental an extra-through cleaning?

Whatever your cleaning needs may be, don’t hesitate to reach out to White Lilac! We specialize in sending Anchorage’s finest cleaning experts who have the experience and the know-how necessary to render truly superb cleanings straight to our clients’ doorsteps.

These pros will gladly take care of your cleaning while you enjoy a relaxing walk down the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail with your friends and family. Book your cleaning today!