4 Common Stainless Steel Cleaning Mistakes

by Pristine Beers | White Lilac Cleaning - November 30, 2021

Common-Stainless-Steel-Cleaning-MistakesPeople usually think that stainless steel is durable enough to withstand any chemical or that it needs less maintenance. However, all steel surfaces require effort to keep them looking as good as new. Use the wrong products, and you’ll find yourself doing more harm than good.

For those of us who don’t want to damage our stainless steel by maintaining it alone, calling up house cleaning services in Wasilla, AK, may be the best solution. Not only do you get professional and affordable housework, but the cleaners can also give you proper advice on how to do it yourself.

If you’d like to learn how to care for your metal surfaces and objects, you should first know what not to do and which products can ruin it. Keep reading to find out!

What is not recommended when cleaning stainless steel?

Since it’s naturally shiny, stainless steel can easily become dull or scratched if you clean it the wrong way. Below you’ll find a list of four cleaning mistakes that can harm your metal surfaces.

1. Not cleaning in the direction of the grain

Regardless of the product you use, if your stainless steel surface is grained, you should always clean in its direction. Doing it differently can leave dirt in the dents and make it look sloppy.

If you’re using fine steel wool, not cleaning in the direction of the grain can scratch the steel and make it prone to rusting. When you do it properly, the surface will look shinier than ever.

What-is-not-recommended-when-cleaning-stainless-steel2. Using coarse steel wool

You might think that steel on steel can’t be bad, but since it’s sharp, coarse steel wool isn’t recommended for flat steel surfaces. The scratches are not a pretty sight and the metal can become stained. Even with grain, you should use fine steel wool and lightly press when cleaning.

A finer version is better for removing grime and light polishing, but even then, you should use it with caution. It’s always better to switch to a stronger cleaning product than a harsher utensil. However, stay away from bleach, as it’s known to dull the shine on stainless steel surfaces.

3. Letting the surface air dry

If you’ve noticed white spots on your kitchen sink, you know you’re making this mistake. Since tap water is rich in minerals, it leaves white spots when it dries. To prevent this, wipe your sink with a dry cloth as soon as you finish washing the dishes.

Letting any type of product air dry on the steel surface can leave marks and even damage to the material. When cleaning it, make sure to use distilled or filtered water, and don’t forget to wash out the product before wiping it dry.

4. Not cleaning often enough

The inside of a kettle is made out of stainless steel. And since it’s used daily, it’s easy for hard water to build up. That’s why you can see the bottom becoming white and the water taking longer to boil.

Just like any other steel appliance, it requires constant maintenance to keep functioning properly. When you neglect it, not only will it look dirty, but you might also risk your health because of the various build-ups. Clean your surfaces on a weekly basis and your kettle every other day.

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