House Cleaning Services: What You Should Know

by Pristine Beers | White Lilac Cleaning - April 22, 2019

How often do you need a house cleaning?No matter how important work and social obligations may seem, family should always come first. A happy family needs a healthy and fresh home in which every day can be spent in harmony. But how can you live harmoniously if you only stop worrying about work when you have to worry about chores?  

If you need help balancing your work and family life, hiring a fantastic professional house cleaning service in Palmer, AK might be just the thing for you. Before you make the decision to let an expert take care of your chores, keep reading to find out what you should know about house cleaning services.

How often do you need a house cleaning?

The answer to this question depends entirely on you and your specific needs. Whether you need your cleaner to come weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or occasionally will depend mostly on your budget, lifestyle and the expected workload of your cleaner.

What’s your lifestyle?

Do you have kids or pets? How often do you find yourself overwhelmed with chores and unable to spend quality time with your family? Do you have to clean the bathroom and kitchen much too often? The answers to these questions will give you an idea of your cleaning needs.

If you often struggle with keeping your kids’ toys or dog hair in check, you might want to have your cleaner come in at least once a week. According to the American Lung Association, living with pets requires effective cleaning solutions and greater frequency due to dangers that pet dander and allergens pose to our health.

However, if this doesn’t describe you, you’ll probably be fine with bi-weekly or even monthly cleanings if you intend to take care of some cleaning tasks yourself in-between the sessions.

Will your cleaner do all the work?

Whether your cleaner will come once or twice a week will depend mostly on the time you yourself have to clean. Do you want your cleaner to take your mind off all the cleaning chores in your household or do you intend to leave some to yourself?

If you are really pressed for time, consider hiring a weekly service. If not, a better option would be to maintain the hygiene of your home between bi-weekly cleanings or hire a cleaner to help you out once a month. Either way, you need to think about how long you can go without getting stressed out over the state of your home and make your decision based on that.

What’s your preferred cleaning budget?

It is difficult to avoid discussing money when it comes to cleaning services. Quality doesn’t come cheap, and neither does a comfortable lifestyle. You have to ask yourself what you value more: money or time? Professional cleaning will give you the amazing opportunity to have more free time and feel more energetic.

One of the factors influencing the cost of cleaning is the level of service you choose. Professional cleaners are very detail-oriented, which is why additional and special services which require more elbow grease are charged extra. Then again, ask yourself: would you rather clean that greasy oven by yourself? Exactly.

The cleaning frequency is another important factor affecting the cost. Bear in mind that professional cleaners often charge more per visit for bi-weekly or monthly arrangements than for a weekly cleaning. As an added perk, most professional house cleaning companies offer discounts for recurring visits to loyal clients. That means recurring cleaning will save you more time and money at the same time.

What’s more, having someone clean your home once a week or twice a month is wonderful, but sparing yourself the stress of having to do it yourself even more so.

Do you stay home when cleaning lady comes?

Do you stay home when cleaning lady comes? Whether you should stay at home or not while your cleaner is working is a common question among first-time users of house cleaning services. Most cleaning companies will tell you something close to this: if you want maximum efficiency from your cleaner, try not to be in the way.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to leave the house entirely, but simply that your cleaner might not be comfortable with you looking over their shoulder as they work around your belongings. You can stay in a room which is not being cleaned at the moment or you can run your errands and do the things you would normally do if the maid wasn’t around.

In any case, you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with your cleaning service if you consider the following guidelines:

  • Stay during the first visit: when your cleaner arrives for the first time, it’s recommended that you remain in the house for at least 15 minutes to meet the cleaner and show them the ropes.
  • Highlight problematic areas: tell your maid if there are some areas you want them to pay special attention to.
  • Avoid micromanaging: you’d have trouble finding people who don’t mind being closely monitored while working. Give your cleaner some space.
  • Define your expectations: you won’t have to hover around your cleaner if you give them clear instructions from the get-go.

House cleaners are there to help you. Let them do it properly by giving them space to work! This way, both you and your maid will be happy with the results.

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