Plan a Family Outing to Seward

by Pristine Beers | White Lilac Cleaning - August 30, 2019

Could there possibly be a better way for some quality time with the family than a road trip? If you live in the wonderful state of Alaska, famous for its breathtaking scenery, you have all the more reason to look forward to the next time you and your family will get to hit the road once again. 

Besides, why waste the weekend scrubbing, cleaning and doing other pesky chores when you can make the most of it by doing something new and exciting? This time around, White Lilac Cleaning was curious about how to plan a family outing from Anchorage to Seward. Read on!


Trail-hiking allows you to venture into the unknown, making it an activity you can never be bored with! Whether you feel like having a picnic, visiting the beach, going fishing or picking berries, Seward trails have it all. Scenic views of forests, lakes, meadows, mountain peaks and glaciers will be forever engraved on your memory. 

Trails vary by level of difficulty, so you needn’t worry about whether you and the rest of your family can rise to the challenge. There are so many unique trails to choose from in Seward and its surrounding areas, namely:

  • Tonsina Point Trail
  • Caines Head Trail
  • South Beach Trail
  • Alpine Trail
  • Mount Marathon Trail
  • Lost Lake Trail 
  • Resurrection River Trail
  • Troop Lake Trail
  • Meridian and Grayling Lakes
  • Two Lakes Trail

See the wildlife 

Alaska is world-famous for its stunning landscapes and captivating views as well as its wildlife that you just cannot find elsewhere. If you come to Seward to explore the wildlife there, you will not be disappointed, so don’t forget to bring your camera. You can join small-group wildlife tours with expert guides and ready to create lifelong memories with the family. 

Expect to see small and large terrestrial mammals. Think timber wolf, brown bear, moose, mountain goat, coyote, beaver and river otter. In addition to other marine creatures, you fill find marine mammals: sea otters, dolphins and whales. Let us not forget birds such as the bald eagle and seabirds you can only find in the North Atlantic and the North Pacific.

Take a trip to the Kenai Peninsula

Prepare to be amazed by what you will find when you visit Kenai Fjords National Park, located on the Kenai Peninsula and home to Harding Icefield and its 40 glaciers. Expect to find whales, seals and various other sea creatures, as well as birds and bears.

The Alaska SeaLife Center, located on the peninsula’s Resurrection Bay, is home to a public aquarium and facility specializing in providing rehabilitation to marine mammals. 

Resurrection Bay is also where you will find the picturesque Fox Island and its Sunny Cove State Marine Park, as well as Sandspit Point State Marine Park. Both parks are suitable for kayaking, camping and hiking. 

Take your family on an adventure and leave the cleaning to the pros!

Meadows, mountains, lakes, rivers, creeks, glaciers, the ocean and wildlife? No, it’s not a mesmerizing scene from a movie. It exists in real life and it’s what you will find if you decide to visit Seward, Alaska. The road trip from Anchorage to Seward is rewarding in and of itself, what with the amazing scenery you are bound to see along the way. 

The best part is that you can enjoy this adventure time and time again, year-round, and never grow tired of it. You might even decide to make it an annual tradition. Every time you revisit Seward, you will discover something new and exciting.