Pre-Vacation House Cleaning Checklist

by Pristine Beers | White Lilac Cleaning - March 1, 2022

Pre-Vacation-House-Cleaning-ChecklistWhenever you’re about to travel and leave your home empty for a couple of days, it’s always a good idea to clean it. That way, you won’t have to stress about it on top of unpacking when you return. If you’re short on time, house cleaning services in Anchorage, AK, are at your disposal for an affordable and thorough clean-up.

There is no better feeling than coming back to a spotless home after a relaxing vacation. Whether you’d like to do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you, this cleaning checklist will help you make sure that every corner of your home is as clean as possible while you’re away, so keep reading!

How do you clean your house before going on vacation?

You can quickly achieve an immaculate home by following these four steps:

1. Put everything in its place

There’s an unwritten rule of cleaning, and it’s that every object should have its designated place where you can store it when you’re not using it. Having a home for everything makes tidying up so much easier. So when you put everything back where it belongs, the house already looks nicer, and all that’s left to do is to take out your cleaning supplies and go to the next step.

2. Make sure that there are no dirty dishes or laundry

This is a no-brainer, as we all know what happens when you leave dirty plates and cups for a few days. The food starts to rot and the bacteria spread, making your kitchen a very unhealthy place. Get those washing machines running and leave behind only an empty kitchen sink and an empty hamper.

3. Do a regular clean of your home

Since you’ll be away from home for a while, it’s best to clean it as you’d normally do, starting from the upper parts and working your way down. Wipe every surface, dust every corner, thoroughly vacuum and mop the floor. Use EPA-approved products for best results. Let every room air out because you’ll likely leave the windows closed while you’re gone.

4. Purge the fridge of perishable items

A lot of people forget to do this, and a foul smell of spoiled food welcomes them when they return from a vacation. To prevent this, check every item for its expiration date and take it out. You can give the food to your neighbor, family, or charity, or simply discard it if it’s not edible anymore. While your fridge is empty, give it a quick wipe down with a wet cloth to freshen it up.

How do you keep your house clean when away?

There is no hack to prevent dust from occupying your home while you’re away, but since the house will be empty, that means that no one will make it dirty. If you leave a clean home, there’s a high chance it will remain the same when you return. The most important thing to do is to take out all the trash before leaving and unplug all the appliances.

Many like to travel during the holidays, and if you don’t want to tackle Christmas decorations when you come back, deal with them before doing a pre-vacation clean-up. That way you can truly relax and enjoy your stay at the Alyeska Resort without thinking about what’s waiting for you back at home.

How-do-you-clean-your-house-before-going-on-vacationWho provides the best house cleaning services in Anchorage, AK?

When cleaning is too stressful to think about because of all the preparations for your vacation, it’s time to give White Lilac a call. We can provide you with cleaners who’ll do a quick and thorough job to make your home ready for your absence.

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