Skiing at Hatcher Pass: The Ultimate Winter Adventure 

by Pristine Beers | White Lilac Cleaning - October 4, 2019

As the winter months draw nearer, locals and tourists alike flock to Hatcher Pass, their favorite winter sports and recreation area in Alaska. With great opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling, as well as a new downhill ski area currently under construction, Hatcher Pass has so much to offer to anybody seeking some winter thrills and adventure.

Enjoy the quintessential Alaskan landscape

Did you know that Hatcher Pass is not a town? Stretching from Palmer to Willow, Hatcher Pass is actually a scenic road in the Talkeetna Mountain Range that is a favorite among locals and visitors both. While Hatcher Pass is stunning throughout the year, its winter appeal is what truly makes it special. Typically, this area receives around 5 to 8 feet of snow during the winter months, while the higher altitudes have snow all year round. 

A paradise for winter sports enthusiasts

No matter which winter sport you enjoy the most, Hatcher Pass is the place to be. During the fall and winter seasons, the area boasts a wide range of winter activities everyone can enjoy. 

Skiing and snowboarding

With possibly the best skiing conditions in the entire state, Hatcher Pass is a skier and snowboarder’s paradise, no matter their age or level of expertise. If you’re an experienced skier or snowboarder, great backcountry traverses can be found throughout the High Glacier Peaks area, while cross-country enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of great ski trails, including Archangel Road, gold Mint Trail and Reed Lakes Trail.      


With its amazing snow conditions, Hatcher Pass is the perfect place for anyone looking for a thrilling snowmobile ride. However, snowmobiles are prohibited in some parts of the area, so make sure to study the maps before you set out.  

Skeetawk is coming! 

While Hatcher Pass is already the ideal place for winter sports lovers, it’s about to get even more amazing! The Matanuska-Susitna Valley residents have been dreaming about a modern downhill ski area for more than 30 years, and the dream finally seems to be coming true. 

Hatcher Alpine Xperience (HAX), a non-profit volunteer-driven organization is currently working hard on developing and perfecting the Skeetawk ski area. The first phase of development includes 6 miles of cleared trails, a 2,400 sq. ft snowcat shed, warming facilities, and a beginner chair lift. The second phase, planned for this winter, will bring improved access roads, high-speed lift access, a parking lot, and a day lodge.   

Skeetawk is currently open to sledders on school holidays and weekends, but it will be transformed into a family-oriented alpine ski area with a variety of restaurants, shops, and resorts. Once it opens, skiing in Hatcher Pass will be more appealing, accessible and affordable to everybody, including children and absolute beginners.     

Start planning your trip today! 

Why waste time sitting and worrying about chores when you can start thinking about your Hatcher Pass visit? Leave your cleaning to seasoned hygiene experts and get your family with going on an unforgettable winter adventure. 

Whether you choose to only enjoy the spectacular views of the Talkeetna Mountains or explore the new Skeetawk ski area, the memories you and your family members create at Hatcher Pass are sure to stay with you for a lifetime. Start planning your visit today!