Top 5 Must-Have Cleaning Tools & Supplies

by Pristine Beers | White Lilac Cleaning - December 30, 2022

Top-5-Must-Have-Cleaning-Tools-SuppliesWhile there are numerous techniques and approaches to cleaning, the material that you use for maintenance is more or less universal. That’s why you should be familiar with the must-have cleaning tools and supplies.

Although making a list of bare necessities is useful, many people count on masters in residential home cleaning in Palmer, AK, to assist them. If you want to check if you have all the necessary cleaning agents and equipment, continue reading this article!

What cleaning supplies do I need?

Although the tools and supplies needed vary depending on the surface that you’re dealing with, there’s some equipment that is standard:

1. Sponge

Sponges are essential for doing dishes, but also for scrubbing any surface covered with grime. Use a soft side for delicate dishes and a rough side to remove the food leftovers stuck on the plates. If you want to clean cast iron cookware, you should use non-metal, non-abrasive sponges. When you clean a dirty oven, the best tool for removing burnt food is a heavy-duty sponge made from tough material. You can apply it to floors, too.

2. Rubber gloves

Whatever you clean rubber gloves are a necessity as they protect your hands from invasive chemicals and whatever grime you’re coming up against. The advantage of rubber gloves is that they last longer than latex or nitrile gloves. However, as rubber tends to get worn out, you should have several pairs of gloves and check for holes and cracks regularly to make sure that nothing goes through them. Designate one pair of gloves just for washing the dishes.

3. Microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloth’s texture makes it perfect for virtually any surface. It’s gentle enough to clean the surfaces like stainless steel and glass without leaving scratches or streaks. One of the benefits of microfiber is that it’s great for picking up dust, which is why you should use it to get rid of the thick dust in your attic. When you apply a cleaning agent, spray it on the cloth instead of the surface. Rinse the cloth and wipe the surface again to remove the residue.

4. Scrub brush

Scrub brushes are one of the essential abrasive tools for removing dirt and grime. A plastic brush with strong bristles and a handle with a rubber grip is enough for tackling the dirtiest surfaces, including bathtubs and sinks. You can also use it on tiles and fixtures to remove stubborn stains. You should obtain a brush set with multiple brush heads to cover different areas and hard-to-reach places like corners.

5. Vacuum

Vacuums are vital for keeping dust at bay. When you buy a vacuum, consider the space it needs to cover and your cleaning needs. If you are short on storage space it’s advisable to obtain a cordless vacuum. In general, it’s better to get a powerful vacuum with strong suction to tackle the dirtiest surfaces. A HEPA filter is always a good choice as it eradicates dust particles. Make sure to get various attachments that you can use to clean a fridge at home.

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