Top 7 Fun Things to Do in Anchorage With Your Kids

by Pristine Beers | White Lilac Cleaning - January 29, 2021

Top 7 Fun Things to Do in Anchorage With Your KidsMany Americans think of Anchorage as a freezing city where you always have to stay indoors and wear warm clothes. Nothing could be further from the truth! In reality, Anchorage is a gorgeous location surrounded by valleys and mountains, fjords and glaciers, and even volcanoes.

In addition to its incredible natural beauty, vibrant nightlife, and countless tourist attractions, Anchorage also boasts a huge number of kid-friendly activities. If you’re fortunate enough to be visiting this part of the world with your children, there are quite a few places and attractions you absolutely need to visit!

Read on to learn about the top 7 attractions in Anchorage the entire family can enjoy.

What are some child-friendly activities in Anchorage?

There’s no better way to build lasting memories (and get great photos) with your loved ones than by taking a family vacation. Keeping your kids’ interests in mind when planning your itinerary is a great way to make a trip even more impactful.

Here’s our pick of the 7 most fun things to do in Anchorage:

1. Reindeer Farm

As its name implies, the Reindeer Farm lets you have some up-close-and-personal time with reindeer. As if petting and feeding reindeer wasn’t amazing enough, the Farm also has elk, a moose, and a bison who occasionally come by the fence.

2. Alaska Zoo

Although the Alaska Zoo is smaller than other zoos, it’s still a great place to take your kids. Not only do animals tend to be more active in colder temperatures, there’s also the orphaned Alaska wildlife area where you can see bear cubs and baby moose at play.

3. Anchorage Museum

On top of being a state-of-the-art museum that depicts Alaska’s art and history, the Anchorage Museum also boasts a first-rate Imaginarium that contains a play area, science experiments, and touch tanks. This makes the Museum an excellent place to visit during the rainier days.

4. Whale-watching cruises

There are quite a few tour companies in Anchorage that offer visitors an opportunity to take a boat trip to scenic locations such as the Prince William Bay, Resurrection Bay, and Kenai Fjords. Sightings of whales such as humpbacks, belugas, and orcas are common during these trips.

5. Alaska Native Heritage Center

Open every day from May through September, the Center gives visitors a unique glimpse at the culture of the 11 tribes who have shaped Alaska. In addition to the cultural experience, the Center also has a team of sled dogs that teaches kids about the crucial role of working dogs in Alaska’s history.

6. Thunderbird Falls

This wonderful place can be reached by following a trail that’s wide enough to push a stroller along, making it an excellent location to visit even if your children are very young. Afterward, you can enjoy a picnic lunch and savor the scenery at the nearby Eklutna Lake.

7. Byron Glacier

There’s an estimated 100,000 glaciers in Alaska, but by far the best one to visit with children is the Byron Glacier. The parking is cheap (just a few bucks), it’s easily accessible via a flat, mile-long trail, and it’s truly an incredible sight to behold.

The best time to start planning your Anchorage trip is now

What are some child-friendly activities in AnchorageWhy waste your time and energy worrying about housekeeping chores when you can instead plan a truly great family trip that your children are going to remember for the rest of their lives?

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