6 Do’s and Don’ts of Home Cleaning

by Pristine Beers | White Lilac Cleaning - March 5, 2024

It is a proven fact that maintaining a clean and organized home is essential for both physical and mental well-being. However, cleaning is not everyone’s (or anyone’s) favorite pastime. But, did you ever wonder why it is so?

How do some people manage to keep their homes tidy and still have time to themselves, while others spend hours cleaning and still retain dust as the main form of interior decoration? Believe it or not, the answer to that question is as simple as being organized!

Today, we’re taking a page from the playbook Wasilla, AK maid services use to boost their efficiency and turn house cleaning into a simple, streamlined, and enjoyable task (impossible as it may seem!).

What are the do’s and don’ts of house cleaning?

What are the do’s and don’ts of house cleaning

If we were to summarize the answer, the do’s would all go toward emphasizing efficiency, while the don’ts typically involve anything that makes you waste time. With these in mind, let’s start breaking them down!

DO establish a cleaning routine

Think of a cleaning routine as a friendly pact with your living space. Regular upkeep prevents dust bunnies from staging a coup and makes your home a more pleasant place to live. Plus, it’s a great excuse to bust out your favorite cleaning playlist.

DON’T procrastinate

Procrastination might work for some things, but home cleaning isn’t one of them. The longer you put it off, the more daunting the task becomes. So, don’t treat your cleaning duties like a procrastination Olympics. Remember, permanent cleanliness is a marathon, not a sprint and every little action contributes to a greater goal.

DO declutter before cleaning

Decluttering not only makes your home look better and more spacious; it also makes cleaning easier and faster. So, before you decide to give your home a full-on makeover, take some time to dispose of all the unwanted, useless stuff. Trust us, your free time will thank you for it!

DON’T forget your cleaning tools

You know that old saying “preparation is the mother of success”? Well, it’s perfectly applicable here! Having every tool and supply readily at hand (preferably in the form of a cleaning cart) will do wonders for your efficiency. Just be sure to stock up on everything beforehand and you’ll be cleaning like a pro in no time!

Wasilla, AK maid services

DO use the right cleaning products

Not all surfaces are created equal, and neither are cleaning products. However, when resupplying, don’t just go for the flashy packaging alone.

Rather, research which solutions are the best for which surface, and let that knowledge be your guiding light.

Not only you’ll get better results, but you’ll also vastly reduce the risk of damaging your precious belongings.

DON’T overlook professional help

Yes – hiring cleaners is an investment. But, consider this:

  • You won’t have to do any of the aforementioned work; no research, no planning, no preparation – no cleaning.
  • You won’t have to buy supplies and equipment; cleaners bring everything they need to finish the work.
  • Pros will do a much better (and faster) job turning your place into the picture-perfect version of itself.

Sum it all up, and what do you get? That’s right: more free time and energy to do the things you love, like BBQ-ing with friends at Lake Lucille or simply lounging around your clean, healthy home!

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