The 3 Stages of a Post-Construction Cleaning Service

by Pristine Beers | White Lilac Cleaning - February 26, 2021

What are the phases of post-construction cleaningConstruction projects are never boring. It doesn’t matter whether you’re renovating a room or building a house: seeing a project reach completion and entering the new or refreshed space is always an exciting and memorable experience.

However, for a project to be truly finished and ready to admit occupants, it must first be thoroughly tidied up to remove plaster dust, debris, and other dirt that the process of construction or renovation inevitably produces. This type of cleaning is known as post construction cleaning in Anchorage.

We previously explained what is included in post construction cleanings and how they can help protect your health by removing silica dust (also known as construction dust) from your property. Now we’ll expand on this topic by discussing the 3 stages of a post-construction cleaning service. Read on to learn more!

What are the phases of post-construction cleaning?

The unique types of dirt produced during construction tend to be resistant to everyday cleaning methods. For this reason, extra care and specialized cleaning equipment is necessary to make a renovated or newly built property truly pristine.

Here are the 3 main stages of a post-construction cleaning service:

Stage #1: Rough cleaning

First, the cleaners need to remove the obvious pieces of debris such as excessive dust, paint overspray, adhesives, and other leftover or masking materials. This is the point when all the surfaces are given a thorough vacuuming, dusting, and mopping.

If the cleaners find any cracks, defects, or other damages, they’ll report them to the property owner or the construction company. This way, the problems can be addressed before the occupants see them.

Stage #2: Thorough cleaning

This phase of the process starts by redoing the cleaning tasks that were done during the first stage. This time around, the cleaners pay extra attention to interior surfaces such as cabinets, floors, baseboards, and air ducts.

To accomplish this, the cleaning crew uses microfiber rags and neutral cleaners to remove any lingering residues from the cleaning chemicals. Needless to say, they always use cleaning products that are appropriate for the surfaces that are being cleaned.

Stage #3: Touch-up cleaning

As its name suggests, this is the phase when the cleaners really focus on the fine details. Sometimes, this part of the cleaning is performed a few days after the second cleaning phase, so as to give any remaining dust or dirt time to settle (and therefore become easier to remove) before the cleaners arrive.

The emphasis here is to wipe away smudges, fingerprints, and other imperfections on the previously-cleaned surfaces.

Can I perform a post-construction cleaning myself?

Unless you have a background as a post-construction cleaner, it’s strongly advised that you leave this type of cleaning to the pros. Not having the right cleaning equipment on hand and not being extremely thorough can easily result in some of the dust and small debris not getting removed.

This can endanger the occupants’ health down the road by causing them to breathe in harmful substances such as chemical residue and silica dust.

Where can I book a top-quality construction cleaning in Anchorage?

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