Tips for Winter Biking in Alaska

by Pristine Beers | White Lilac Cleaning - March 27, 2020

For a typical biking enthusiast, the winter season may not be the most favorite part of the year. That is if they never tried going winter biking in Alaska! This activity offers a wide range of benefits for anyone who enjoys a thrill and wants to spend some quality time outdoors during cold weather.

Read on to find out what makes winter biking in Alaska such a special activity!

Benefits of winter biking

Although winter biking may seem like a dangerous activity to you, there are actually many reasons why biking in the middle of winter is a great idea. Here are some of them:

  • It helps you stay fit. Winter biking is a great exercise for the entire body. If you want to burn a calorie or two or want to build stamina, this activity would be the perfect winter activity for you.
  • Improves mental health. Cabin fever is no joke. If you’re tired from staying indoors when it’s cold outside, going out on a bike may be just what the doctor ordered.
  • It’s more than fun. We don’t have to go on and on about the thrill that winter biking entails as you probably already expect such an activity to be immensely fun. And if you have company, expect the fun to be doubled!
  • You can brag about it. Winter biking is cool, there’s no point in denying it. Your friends are sure to be impressed if you tell them that you rode a bike through snow and didn’t freeze to death.
  • Enables you to enjoy the magnificent scenery. It’s an understatement to say that Alaska is beautiful and winter biking provides the perfect opportunity to marvel at its unique wonders.

Safety first

No matter how much fun winter biking may be, you should take all the necessary steps to stay safe during your trip. If you plan to bike on roads, make sure to wear a helmet and wear reflective clothes. You should also try to maintain a straight course when biking and turn on your tail-lights.

If you plan to ride on icy roads, studded tires are definitely a good idea. Also, consider wearing a bright headlamp and try not to stray too far from trails if you want to avoid accidents. Staying safe is a must unless you want your winter biking adventure to be unforgettable for all the wrong reasons.

Stay warm

We don’t have to remind you that the weather in Alaska can be extremely harsh. When you’re on a bike, the wind and cold are likely to affect you even more. Use the following tips to stay warm while winter biking:

  • Wear a polypropylene shirt and a windbreaker to keep your torso warm.
  • Insulated tights and bike shorts are a great option for your legs.
  • You may need to add another layer or two if the weather is extreme.
  • Make sure to wear a headband or earflaps to protect your ears. If you don’t have a hood, wear a light hat.
  • Don’t forget to bring a warm scarf or a neck gator under your helmet.
  • Unless you have pogies, make sure to wear windproof gloves.
  • Wear loose and dry socks and boots and make sure not to over tighten your laces to prevent restricting blood circulation. Toe warmers are also a great idea.

Leave your chores to the pros and go winter biking!

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